Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gifts Exchanging @ Bakerzin ~

The Game: We randomly picked up a piece of paper with our name written separately in each paper. Next, we start our mission.

Duration : 1 hour.

Budget: RM60 or more

1 Utama

Dining / Meeting Place:

The Gifts ~

~ The gifts

~ For Iling - T-back + Angklet :p
It's a last-minute decision. I'm out of time.. :s I should have get her a XS instead of S for the T-back.

~ Me - Anna Sui Mascara
Chris - Necklace

The Foods ~

~ Strawberry Slices

Iling ‘s fav. The never ending Strawberry affair ~

~ Crayfish Pasta

Crayfish is some kind of lobster-like seafood.

~ Ham, Bacon and Mushroom Flaky Pizza

A very light and crispy pizza.

~ Profiteros ( Ice Cream top with Chocolate Sauce and Almond Flakes)

~ Warm Chocolate Cake (Must Try!!)

A must try in Bakerzin! The warm chocolate fillings inside will melt your heart away ~

~ Paparazzi Iling's snapshot (Mo liu!) >.

I'm trying on my new mascara, and Iling go "snap" like a paparazzi.

~ Dadi & Me

~Iling , Me & Chris

Friday, January 05, 2007

ChristMas 'O6 @ Mid Valley

Mid valley have this Candy Theme this year. There were candy houses, lollipops hanging on the trees, giant cookies mountain, etc.. feel like chomping it… Haha!

~ Candy Tree

~ Candy House

~ A view of the ceiling

~ A string of Lollipop

~ Biscuit & Milk

Berry : I want to eat you up..Sluurrp!
Bread House : (sweat)

~ The (Fake) Snow Man

ChristMas 'O6 @ 1 Utama

This is my first visit to Haagen Daz. The waiter was very friendly. He explains to us the promotions they are doing now in details. He recommends us the Chocolate Journey, New York Brownie (their “bestseller”) and some other specialties. Struggled for a while in choosing between Chocolate Journey and New York Brownie, we’ve picked the New York Brownie since it’s an all-time-favorite. :p The brownie was served warm with 2 scoops of ice cream (I choose Green Tea and Strawberry). It’s so yummy, delicious, lip-smacking, whatever! No wonder it’s the “bestseller”! Thumbs up! ^_^

~ Berry : Mmmm, u all look yummy... ^-^
Brownie : .....................
Green Tea : Faster eat la.. I'm melting leh.. Sien...

~ New York Brownie with Green Tea and Strawberry Ice Cream (Must Try!)

This year they have this Giant Mickey’s head on the stage! there were photo session with Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck every 1-2hr on the stage! BUT the queue was just toooo looong.. kids, adults, youngster, oldster, mister… pheww! Everybody loves Mickey!

~ Some snapshot with the X'mas Tree :)~ Posing with X'mas Tree in 1Utama ^_*

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