Thursday, December 07, 2006

What I did last Christmas.. .... .... .

I'm not a Christian but i do celebrate Christmas! :) From the decorations in the shopping mall to the exchanging gifts game, I love them all! I can almost feel the warmth greetings floating in the air during Christmas. Most of all, I adore winter clothing (e.g. fluffy jacket, trench coat) and boots! All which we'll look stupid-foolish-silly wearing it in Malaysia! Shut up ~ Imagine if I walk down the misty street in KL in jacket and boot, I'll look like a foolish Ms.Thingy.. -_-" How nice if we have 4 seasons here in Malaysia .. .. . *sigh* Here are some of my "activities" to fulfill my dream of having a "real" Christmas .. .. ... ~

o o I groped the Snow Ball .. .. .

o o I took hundreds of self-potraits in the FITTING ROOM! :p

o o I got crazy wearing on the winter jacket that I had dream for a long time .. Hahahahahaha.. @_@

o o I had dinner with my friends on Christmas eve ~ Christmas are no-fun without friends ^_^

o o I put myself into a snowy background bacause.. .. ...
~ I'm........dreaming of a white.......... Christmas......~
When will I have a white Christmas? *sob sob* T_T

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