Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gathering 041106 @ 1U

Har back from Singapore for 1 week! So, we have a gathering at 1 Utama.

Carol, Chris, Miko and I went to the newly open Neway Karaoke at 1 Utama. Aik..wait a minute...where is Har?? She FFK us BUT with a good reason.. She needs to accompany her mum to somewhere to do something. Well, what to do... Anyway, she did meet us after the karaoke session :)

I'm stunned when i enter our "karaoke room"! It's so spacious or should I say TOO BIG for just the 4 of us? They provide Big TV, cordless mike and what's more? We also have our own bathroom! Then again, we were taking the most affordable lunch package which includes a lunch set and 2 hours sing-a-long session. They also have a salad bar which is F.O.C. You can take as much salad as you want! After divided the total bill among 4 of us, it's only about RM18 per person! Now, isn't that great? Go sing your heart out! :D

Ish ish! I forgot to snap photos in Neway! Damn! All because I'm too infatuated with the mike... @_@

Compare with Redbox, we wouldn't have got such a big room for 4 person. The bathrooms at Neway are even bigger than their smallest karaoke room! Imagine..... But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I won't go to Redbox anymore. Just some fair comparison ... ..

~ I feel cold :p Snow Flakes * *

~ Snow-Rain o o o

~ Warmest greetings for my sis and friends ! Merry Christmas! :)

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