Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Eat @ California Pizza Kitchen (KLCC)

If you are one of those "No salad please" people, you should try California Pizza Kitchen's salad! :) I love their BBQ Chicken Salad top with a generous amount of crunchy Nachos!! Yes, Nachos! That's what makes the salad scrumptious! A 'large' one can be shared among 3 person because it's served in a big portion. Not to forget, their pizza and pasta :) Wheat dough pizza base are recommended in their menu but it's always 'out-of-stock' each time we order. I'm wondering why... .. ..

P/s: Ice Lemon Tea are refillable :) So you and our friends will never get thirsty throughout the chit-chat marathon! :) Isn't that good?

Desire to know more about California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) ?? Please click on the above title "Eat @ California Pizza Kitchen (KLCC)".

--> Salad with BBQ Chicken and Nachos*
(My fav!!)

--> Fettuccine with Garlic Cream Sauce

--> Jambalaya

--> Pizza - The Original Barbeque Chicken

--> Me & SiS

--> Me & SiS

--> Me & Miko

--> Me & SiS @ CPK

--> Me & SiS @ CPK

*Names created by author

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