Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kith and Kin Reunited ^^

Let's talk about my cousin sis ;)

Nicole - An intelligent girl since she was a kiddo! Thanks to her coach - my aunt! :D In fact, we put all our hope on her to be the 1st ever in our family to graduates from university! :p we used to be VERY closed to each other (when i was a kiddo too). We always go swim and play around together. But now, she is busy with her hectic examination and assignment, while I'm busy with my work-life. .... ... ... ... but we do have gatherings from time to time :)

Sze - A miserable teen who crave for freedoms desperately. She is a very talkative girl too or should i say...bubbly?? :D Keep going girl! We love you!

Mun - A Sweetie Pie ~ Well, at least for me she is! A very manja girl - just like me! :p

Theng - A well-mannered girl who performed quite well in her studies :)

Chloe - Our youngest baby girl in the family (for the moment..who knows right? :D) Everyone's attention are on her! But... she do have mood swings ~ if she is in a good mood, she is a dearie angel..if she is not, she'll shout whenever u go near her. -_-"

^ mUn & mI

^ Sze , mUn + mI

^ Naughty Chloe girl

@ Redbox

An 'imperfect' group of girls ~

^ Some drama -_-_-

^ I luv U & U lUv mI


  1. hey!! work work work but still got so much time to blog!! Lol...well, my exams are FINALLY over, i'm so DONE and OVER with that goddamnit A-level...pfft, the brits and their exam-oriented education system....Lol...unfortunately, i wont be graduating from a university...m not too sure if INTI Subang can be considered a university since the Nilai campus is already gettin the University College title...Lol... cuz i'm gonna do ACCA and i'm most probably goin to continue at INTI....given that they have more scholarships....but its their first batch at Subang Campus...i'm goin to be their guinea pig T.T.... how!! how!!! Lol...

    P.S: I'm not so intelligent le....Lol... and if u havent noticed, i was born to be quite 'slow', judgin by d times of my reactions...Lol....

    anyways, u take care and we'll meet up at d next family gatherin! u better not FFK us this time, i tell u!!! Lol

  2. Hehe.. just fork out some time to blog during lunch time. "Don't like that le.." :p
    I really don't understand why u wanna change ur subject to ACCA. I thought ur ambition was to be a scientist/doctor? And u r doing very well in science.
    For me, u r an intelligent girl! :)

    i thought u r a FFK queen too like me?! Haha! xD See you soon!

  3. that ambition was years ago, but given my current situation, the things i went through, after goin thru A-level where the level of Science and math is higher and tougher, i think the exams and stress somewhat killed my interest since most of the things rely alot on memorising, especially i came to d conclusion that i dont want to spend d rest of my life makin a living out of peering through microscopes at things growin in petri dishes...Lol...

    i wanted to become a doctor, it was also mamayi's wish...and most of our family since i'm 'so-called' the smartest in d family... but i hate to admit that i really can't stand the workload and studying that i have to endure for the 5 years and i definitely cant stay up 72 hours straight on call durin my clinical years as a medicine student... even though its a very good job that helps alot of ppl, our family inclusive but i really don't think i'm up for it considerin the fact that:

    1. i'm very lazy (really la!!!!! >.<)
    2. i love sleeping
    3. i'd rather play games or listen to music than pick up my textbook to read if i take ACCA and pray to god, i pass everythin in one seatin and get a good job, i'd make enough money to support myself and my mum...apparently most chartered accountants earn a 5-figure salary, if not, more... but of course the workload is alot as well but nothin good comes easy, and nothin is absolutely easy in life unless...

    plus, i think i'm quite comfortable with numbers and simple maths...Lol...and i dont think i've wasted my time by doin A-levels... i think it might come in handy in preparing my stamina to study ACCA... plus at least it made me realise that science isnt really my field afterall...

    well, wish me luck! =) and u take care ya!


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