Friday, November 24, 2006

Eat @ Bakerzin (1 Utama)

I've been to Bakerzin for a few times. I'm simply hooked to their foods especially cakes and desserts! The foods and the ambiance in this restaurant are undeniably great! I feel great after indulging myself in these sweetly-yummy-creamy mood-boosters ^.^ I'm always looking forward for another visit! :)

In Bakerzin, Dessert = An art-piece

Desire to know more about Bakerzin?? Please click on the title "Eat @ Bakerzin (1 Utama)" ;)

Escargot in garlic sauce with asparagus and garlic bread *

Braised chicken in black sauce with tapioca wedges *

Berry Berry Strawberry Tart *

Mmm... .. ..

~ A closer look

Left: Strawberry in Chocolate-mint sauce*
Right: Egg White Bubble-Jet in chocolate sauce*

Freshly squeezed strawberry juice ~

* Names created by author :p

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