Friday, November 10, 2006

BeaCH BreaK @ Tioman O6'

Tioman - Well, it doesn't meet my expectations. You know, I have high expectations because it's a famous travelling destination. I expect it to be more attractive than Lang Tengah :p The moment we reached Bejaya Resort's jetty, we saw a construction was going on. I heard it's a Water Treatment Plantation project by the government. The landscape is very much affected by the project *sigh* We got no much activities this trip. We spend most of our time lingering around the resort's area. On the 2nd day, we went to a Marine Park where we can feed the fishes with bread :) You'll see various type of deep-sea fishes fighting against each other to chomp the bread :D Seeing these beautiful fishes swimming here and there, wish I could jump into the sea to join them! BUT...from my previous snorkelling experience, the fish bites! ~_^ especially BIG fishes! Beside that, there is a Giant Lizard Monitor park in the resort where those big fat lizards crawl and swim freely. I don't know you, but it's rather bizarre for me :p *please don't come near me...*

What I Like: The atmosphere at Berjaya Resort Hotel. It's very peace and quiet. I like the concept of their chalet. The surroundings are very inviting too :)

What I Hate: Gotta be the Bed-Bug!! I spotted a few red marks on my leg when I woke up in the morning and it's extremely itchy! It's 10 times itchier than the mosquito bites! Arrrggggh...stupid bed-bug! But DaDi next to me on the same bed got NO bites at all! Does it mean that my bloods are sweeter? Or the creepy little thingy prefer Pretty & Sweet girl like me?? Haha... :D Errmm, shouldn't be happy though..... -_-" By the way, Iling got some red marks too after she sat on a wooden chair on the beach. The resort's customer service claims that it may be the sea-insect :s

~ Breakfast at Sri Nelayan Restaurant :p

^ Our chalet ^

Fishes at Marine Park

( Fighting for the bread! )

= Beach Walk

~ A moment of Peace .. .. ..

# Wallpaper Collections - Tioman

# Wallpaper Collections - Tioman


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  2. OMG!!!my hair is like grass...messy and thick -_-

  3. Wahaha, like a sarang burung! :p It was 4 years ago!


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