Monday, November 06, 2006

BeaCH BreaK @ Lang Tengah 'O6

Alright, we are SO in love with Lang Tengah that we back here again 2 years after! Our travelling package includes Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian as well. And yes, this is the first time i visit Pulau Redang! It has been famous for years after the hit movie 'Summer Holiday' by Sammi Cheng & Richie Ren. So am i too late? ? Answer is yes! Sad but true..because it's definitely not as beautiful as 4 years ago :( Many dead and dried corals along the beach and it's a pain-in-the-feet to walk on :(

What I Like:
Lang Tengah - I still love the sand! After visited a few beaches, I found that I can't find any sands as fine as at Lang Tengah :)

Redang - Glad that the 'More More Tea Inn' was still there. Just that it has been moved to another side of the beach to give way to those money-making resorts :D

Perhentian - We searched everywhere for the Ice-Blended Banana stall. We miss it so much since we drink it for the 1st time 2 years ago! But...the stall kinda dissapeared?? Hmm, strange.. *curious* We end up drinking Banana & Watermelon Lassi in a restaurant. But Banana Lassi taste the best especially under the hot sunny! Slurrrrpp ~ ;p

What I Hate:
~ I get sunburn again!!! Why it's me again?! I applied hell lot of suncream already. My skin simply too tender to be exposed to the sun for hours! You can feel the burn by putting your hand on my skin! It's burning... sSs
~ The smell of the resort's toilet! -_-" Ewww.. they should improve the resorts cleanliness :

Difference: I'm 2 X fatter than before! *sobz* ;'(

~ The Baywatch team! *puke* ~.^

~ getting ready to jump intO the sea!

~ "Summer Holiday" More More Tea Inn ~

~ we're here at Redang Lang Resort ^-^

~ Beauties & The?? Beach of coz! :D

~ Omigod! We're here again!

~ the 'SanD-y' turtle -_-"

~ we simply love this cOcOnut tree ~

~ Dadi & Me @ Lang Tengah

~ sunset O00o

~ under the blue skies


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