Monday, October 30, 2006

BeaCH BreaK @ Langkawi 'O5

I experienced 3 days of non-stop raining at Langkawi *duh* I dont even got a chance to dive into th sea water the entire trip! We planned to go snorkelling at Pulau Paya but the rain just wouldn't want to stop even fo a minute! Well ok, I lied! It did stopped for 10 minutes on the 2nd day -_-"
Never mind we thought, because we still can go up to a famous mountain(I forgotten the name) with cable car to see some breathtaking view BUT who knows....the cable car station were temporarily closed due to the bad weather - to be exact, it was too cloudy! Another *duh* ! Man, it's merely disappointing! I got nothing from this trip except a bottle of Absolut Vodka and a few boxes of chocolate from the duties free shop. We went to Taman Buaya to fill which was damn damn boringgg..and creepy! Not a memorable trip at all! :(

# Postcard Collections - Langkawi

# Postcard Collections - Langkawi

''' '' told ya! It's B.A.D! ''' '' RAIN.......!

~the rain drOps keep falling On my head~

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