Thursday, October 26, 2006

BeaCH BreaK @ Lang Tengah 'O4

What I like about Lang Tengah:
I'm amazed from the first step I arrive at the Redang Lang Resort mini jetty. The sea waters are crystal-clear blue that we can see corals beneath us. Not to forget the pure white fine sands.. We just love dipping our feet into the sands because its has a cooling effect. It sounds rather weird but I think it might be the sands absorb the breezy cool temperature during the nights, and eventually it became, let's name it " The Cooling Sands " during the days :D
We are still using normal camera back then. So i just have a few collections in my PC.

What I Hate: I got sunburn..! I'm extremely tanned.. I got skin peeling off on my back everyday for about 1 week. Ouch ! T_T

Oo the Most-Wanted cOcOnut tree.. oO a good scene for taking photos ;)

*my personal favourite pick :p

*Me, Iling & Sun
(This is our favourite place on the island! The wind are strong enough to blow away all our sorrow. No, we actually shout it out loud and let the wind carry it away) :D

*Me, Iling & Sun

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