Friday, December 22, 2006

First Christmas

What a sad Christmas song :(

First Christmas

Stan Rogers, 1979, on Between The Breaks

This day a year ago, he was rolling in the snow
With a younger brother in his father's yard
Christmas break, a time for touching home,
the heart of all he'd known
And leaving was so hard

Three thousand miles away,
now he's working Christmas Day
Making double time for the minding of the store
Well he always said, he'd make it on his own
He's spending Christmas Eve alone
First Christmas away from home

She's standing by the train station,
pan-handling for change
Four more dollars buys a decent meal and a room
Looks like the Sally Ann place after all,
in a crowded sleeping hall
That echoes like a tomb

But it's warm and clean and free,
and there are worse places to be
At least it means no beating from her Dad
And if she cries because it's Christmas Day
She hopes that it won't show
First Christmas away from home

In the apartment stands a tree,
and it looks so small and bare
Not like it was meant to be,
Golden angel on the top
It's not that same old silver star,
you wanted for your own
First Christmas away from home

In the morning, they get prayers,
then it's crafts and tea downstairs
Then another meal back in his little room
Hoping maybe that "the boys"
will think to phone before the day is gone
Well, it's best they do it soon

When the "old girl" passed away,
he fell apart more every day
Each had always kept the other pretty well
But the kids all said the nursing home was best
Cause he couldn't live alone
First Christmas away from home

In the common room they've got the biggest tree
And it's huge and cold and lifeless
Not like it ought to be,
and the lit-up flashing Santa Claus on top
It's not that same old silver star,
you once made for your own
First Christmas away from home

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ChristMas 'O6 @ Suria KLCC

As usual, they have this SUPERB GIANT Christmas tree that stretched up to the mall’s ceiling. One of my favorite Christmas tree… :)

We played the exchanging gifts game here last year. Besides, they’ll open till 12 midnight on the eve for you to shop till the wee hours! There’ll be prizes given away too at about 11:00pm – 12:00am… Happy X’mas everyone!

^ Happy Feet! Tap..tap..tap.. to the left, to the right ^

Warm huggies from Happy Feet ~

^ Iling + Chris + Me + Christmas Tree ^

^ Me + Dadi

~ Playing around in Isetan :D Shhh...

~ New appointed Santa's assistant ^_^

Monday, December 18, 2006

X'mas Gift For SiS

I’ve bought these gifts early of December and wrapped it on the same day.
In fact, I passed the gifts to them already! Too fast? Perhaps.. :D
I just don’t like keeping it too long in my room. Or maybe I’m simply too excited.. Hehe..
I really do enjoy the whole process of hunting gifts for loved ones. It’s very pleasurable…

*muah* for all my sis!

~ The gifts

~ The greeting cards

~ I draw it myself! ^_^

~ Merry Christmas!

Smelly FeeT ~

They said "Good friends will leave footprints in your life"

Nah, here are a bunch of smelly feets! ~ Keke.. ..

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gathering 041106 @ 1U

Har back from Singapore for 1 week! So, we have a gathering at 1 Utama.

Carol, Chris, Miko and I went to the newly open Neway Karaoke at 1 Utama. Aik..wait a minute...where is Har?? She FFK us BUT with a good reason.. She needs to accompany her mum to somewhere to do something. Well, what to do... Anyway, she did meet us after the karaoke session :)

I'm stunned when i enter our "karaoke room"! It's so spacious or should I say TOO BIG for just the 4 of us? They provide Big TV, cordless mike and what's more? We also have our own bathroom! Then again, we were taking the most affordable lunch package which includes a lunch set and 2 hours sing-a-long session. They also have a salad bar which is F.O.C. You can take as much salad as you want! After divided the total bill among 4 of us, it's only about RM18 per person! Now, isn't that great? Go sing your heart out! :D

Ish ish! I forgot to snap photos in Neway! Damn! All because I'm too infatuated with the mike... @_@

Compare with Redbox, we wouldn't have got such a big room for 4 person. The bathrooms at Neway are even bigger than their smallest karaoke room! Imagine..... But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I won't go to Redbox anymore. Just some fair comparison ... ..

~ I feel cold :p Snow Flakes * *

~ Snow-Rain o o o

~ Warmest greetings for my sis and friends ! Merry Christmas! :)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

What I did last Christmas.. .... .... .

I'm not a Christian but i do celebrate Christmas! :) From the decorations in the shopping mall to the exchanging gifts game, I love them all! I can almost feel the warmth greetings floating in the air during Christmas. Most of all, I adore winter clothing (e.g. fluffy jacket, trench coat) and boots! All which we'll look stupid-foolish-silly wearing it in Malaysia! Shut up ~ Imagine if I walk down the misty street in KL in jacket and boot, I'll look like a foolish Ms.Thingy.. -_-" How nice if we have 4 seasons here in Malaysia .. .. . *sigh* Here are some of my "activities" to fulfill my dream of having a "real" Christmas .. .. ... ~

o o I groped the Snow Ball .. .. .

o o I took hundreds of self-potraits in the FITTING ROOM! :p

o o I got crazy wearing on the winter jacket that I had dream for a long time .. Hahahahahaha.. @_@

o o I had dinner with my friends on Christmas eve ~ Christmas are no-fun without friends ^_^

o o I put myself into a snowy background bacause.. .. ...
~ I'm........dreaming of a white.......... Christmas......~
When will I have a white Christmas? *sob sob* T_T

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Eat @ California Pizza Kitchen (KLCC)

If you are one of those "No salad please" people, you should try California Pizza Kitchen's salad! :) I love their BBQ Chicken Salad top with a generous amount of crunchy Nachos!! Yes, Nachos! That's what makes the salad scrumptious! A 'large' one can be shared among 3 person because it's served in a big portion. Not to forget, their pizza and pasta :) Wheat dough pizza base are recommended in their menu but it's always 'out-of-stock' each time we order. I'm wondering why... .. ..

P/s: Ice Lemon Tea are refillable :) So you and our friends will never get thirsty throughout the chit-chat marathon! :) Isn't that good?

Desire to know more about California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) ?? Please click on the above title "Eat @ California Pizza Kitchen (KLCC)".

--> Salad with BBQ Chicken and Nachos*
(My fav!!)

--> Fettuccine with Garlic Cream Sauce

--> Jambalaya

--> Pizza - The Original Barbeque Chicken

--> Me & SiS

--> Me & SiS

--> Me & Miko

--> Me & SiS @ CPK

--> Me & SiS @ CPK

*Names created by author

Monday, November 27, 2006

"PhOtOshOppING" (Menu 3)

Wallpaper Collections - I Love Pink!

---> Pink-it

A touch of Green

Water Reflection

Back 2 Back - Negative vs Positive

X x x J O E Y x x X

O o o J o O o E o Y o o O

Friday, November 24, 2006

Eat @ Bakerzin (1 Utama)

I've been to Bakerzin for a few times. I'm simply hooked to their foods especially cakes and desserts! The foods and the ambiance in this restaurant are undeniably great! I feel great after indulging myself in these sweetly-yummy-creamy mood-boosters ^.^ I'm always looking forward for another visit! :)

In Bakerzin, Dessert = An art-piece

Desire to know more about Bakerzin?? Please click on the title "Eat @ Bakerzin (1 Utama)" ;)

Escargot in garlic sauce with asparagus and garlic bread *

Braised chicken in black sauce with tapioca wedges *

Berry Berry Strawberry Tart *

Mmm... .. ..

~ A closer look

Left: Strawberry in Chocolate-mint sauce*
Right: Egg White Bubble-Jet in chocolate sauce*

Freshly squeezed strawberry juice ~

* Names created by author :p

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kith and Kin Reunited ^^

Let's talk about my cousin sis ;)

Nicole - An intelligent girl since she was a kiddo! Thanks to her coach - my aunt! :D In fact, we put all our hope on her to be the 1st ever in our family to graduates from university! :p we used to be VERY closed to each other (when i was a kiddo too). We always go swim and play around together. But now, she is busy with her hectic examination and assignment, while I'm busy with my work-life. .... ... ... ... but we do have gatherings from time to time :)

Sze - A miserable teen who crave for freedoms desperately. She is a very talkative girl too or should i say...bubbly?? :D Keep going girl! We love you!

Mun - A Sweetie Pie ~ Well, at least for me she is! A very manja girl - just like me! :p

Theng - A well-mannered girl who performed quite well in her studies :)

Chloe - Our youngest baby girl in the family (for the moment..who knows right? :D) Everyone's attention are on her! But... she do have mood swings ~ if she is in a good mood, she is a dearie angel..if she is not, she'll shout whenever u go near her. -_-"

^ mUn & mI

^ Sze , mUn + mI

^ Naughty Chloe girl

@ Redbox

An 'imperfect' group of girls ~

^ Some drama -_-_-

^ I luv U & U lUv mI
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